DRU | Free to be you.

Authentically DRU. Unapologetically YOU.

Simply, sincerely. DRU Labs was founded with the belief that all teens are beautiful with unique differences that make them more so — in every face we see individuality that should be celebrated, not ignored.

As a teen, I suffered from acne and because of that experience, I focused on my skin and skincare. The more I researched, the more curious I became about how some products work better than others. I was astonished to learn that teens spend over $20 billion per year on over the counter “acne” treatment, and yet, I found it nearly impossible to find a product that worked in benefit of my skin instead of against it. Along the way, I discovered that what mattered to me was not just finding the right acne product, but finding a company with values I could appreciate and with whom I felt a sense of connection. Not products on a shelf, but a true investment in people.

I guess you could say that my DRU Journey started as a 16-year-old high school junior. That’s when, with the support of my family, I founded and created Dru Labs. I was determined to source and formulate teen skincare, designed by a teen, made for teenage skin. I started in earnest researching potential ingredients with a cosmetic chemist who specialized in organic ingredients. After a couple of years spent perfecting the formula and about a year testing, Reparatur Replenishing Serum for blemish-prone skin was introduced.

Certified organic, completely clean, Reparatur is fully formulated with fresh ingredients, fragrance-free with zero added colors. A unique blend of coconut water, willow bark, and snow mushroom goes on clean, lightweight to help repair polluted skin and build a barrier for healthy complexion.


DRU | A mission clearly defined

Made for teen skin. Founded to make a difference.

When we put purpose before profits, DRU becomes a community of teens, not a corporation that targets teens. As the founder and creator of Dru Labs, I am proud to say that we live our mission every day: investing energy to make products that help teens everywhere address skin issues on their own terms in hopes of alleviating the systematic pressure to fit the beauty industry’s projection of “perfect.”

From day one, our goal was to design products that clean and nourish all skin types, while building a foundation for radiant, healthy skin. And true to our mission, our products are an easy-to-use, daily regimen of skincare created to make your skin and complexion a source of confidence, not anxiety. Products that believe in you; formulated to refocus attention to what makes you naturally you so you can build a positive relationship between you and the mirror.

DRU | Free to be you.

Your DRU journey starts here.

Day one, your Dru Journey starts by recognizing that everyone has bad skin days, weeks, or even months, then learning how to treat your body well so that you can manifest healthy skin, and finally, accepting that perfection is a myth, no one is perfect, and that is perfectly okay.

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