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Hi, I am Sydney Stokes, I'm 17 years old and I am a young entrepreneur. I started Dru Labs skincare for teens because I wanted to help make organic and natural skincare accessible to all teens.

My first product is Reparatur Replenishing Serum for blemish-prone skin. This serum is used on clean, dry skin to help repair the skins' natural barrier.

Dru Labs mission is beautiful skin is healthy skin, not perfect skin. Reparatur is my first product and proof of concept. By pre-ordering or supporting my crowdfunding campaign you are allowing me to produce 2800 units. Production is expected in February with a delivery in March 2022. 

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Dru Labs is premiering Reparatur Replenishing Serum for blemish-prone skin for pre-sale on IFundWomen! IFundWomen is a reward based platform which allows products to be pre-ordered to determine proof of concept as well as aiding in raising capital for production. By joining Your Dru Journey you will receive short and sweet email updates on our IFundWomen campaign status. We hope to launch our pre-sale very soon! Thank You!

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